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Sadie (supervisee)


“I felt really secure when Sarah was my supervisor and able to share aspects of my work that I was struggling with, without feeling shame or judgement

I also appreciated how Sarah would challenge me in a robust but thoughtful way

I think it also helped that her approach was different to mine, which allowed me to see things in a new light”



Monika (client)


‘I started counselling with Sarah when I was in a very dark place.  She said something very important to me at that time.  She said that whatever I decide to explore, we would do it together.  The words gave me the courage to go through the therapeutic process which was challenging, but worth it.  We have had an excellent therapeutic relationship, because Sarah is an amazing therapist.  She offered me compassion, kindness, empathy, understanding and this was a huge part of my healing journey.  She offered me support and reassurance also between sessions when I most needed it, because she cares about clients’ needs and is truly dedicated to her work”.


Aram (client)


“I was tortured both mentally and physically and witnessed many inhumane things due to my political opinions.  I came to England 5 years ago and was suffering greatly due to mental and physical injuries.  I was at a crossroads between continuing or giving up on life.  I had been prescribed medication but they didn’t have much effect.  Nothing seemed important to me anymore and my human values had faded inside me.  At night I had nightmares and during the day, sometimes I would lose consciousness.  To begin with, treatment felt repetitive and ineffective but Sarah reassured me and I continued.  As we processed more of the parts of my life, I began to notice changes in me.  The dynamism of a new movement in my life began.  Before meeting Sarah, in my mind, the surrender of the situation I was in was always vivid for me, and even knowing myself and my God had become difficult for me.  It felt like Sarah, with the treatment she used, day by day removed the cancerous cells of my past and breathed new life into me.  It felt like she made a great sacrifice for me by walking with me through some terrible memories in order to breathe new life into the cold dark places.   The way she worked with me showed me a new face of human values and ultimately connected me back to God.   Sometimes the pure hearts of people and their human values work better than medicine.  I cannot thank her enough for listening to and feeling my pain”


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