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Terms of Service

Any Order and subsequent purchase of Services (as defined below) from Sarah Blossom Therapy and Counselling shall be governed by the following terms and conditions. Please read them carefully.


In these Conditions: Sarah Blossom Therapy and Counselling is a Sarah Blossom. "We" / "Us" / "Our" refers to Sarah Blossom Therapy and Counselling, and "You" / "Yours" refers to the Customer.


My Responsibilities as a Therapist
  • To be available at the agreed time and place

  • To begin and end the session on time

  • To provide a quiet, confidential, appropriate, safe space.

  • To maintain professional boundaries and safety

  • To keep all contact and information confidential unless I have reasonable doubt that the client (named above) has the ability to maintain their own safety and the safety of others.

  • To encourage your (the client named above) autonomy

  • To work within the BACP ethical framework (available on request)

  • To maintain professional development and oversight of my work by the appropriate use of supervision and CPD

  • To review the relationship and progress of the work we are engaged in regularly

  • In the event of cancellation I will give as much notice as possible and an alternative appointment will be offered


Your Responsibilities as Client
  • To attend appointments on time

  • To give as much notice as possible of cancellation.  Cancellations within 24 hours notice will incur the usual payment of between £60 and £80  for the session. 

  • To pay for sessions in full within 7 days of the session

  • Communication with the therapist between sessions is to be limited to making and cancelling appointments unless otherwise agreed

  • To come to an agreed response to safeguarding concerns in the contracting phase of the relationship This will mean identifying a professional whom you feel most appropriate to support you if the need arises

  • To engage as fully as you are able in identifying the areas you would like to work on and planning the treatment

  • To engage as fully as you are able with reviews of the therapeutic relationship and progress of the work

  • To maintain our relationship as your only therapeutic relationship and to let Sarah Blossom know if you intend to seek therapy with someone else.



I hope that we will quickly develop a relationship where you feel able to talk about how the therapy is going and raise any concerns, however significant, you have. I invite you to speak to me if you find anything that makes you uncomfortable or that you think would make your experience of therapy better.

If you have an issue that we cannot resolve together and you want to complain about the service you receive then you may refer your complaint to the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP). They are my governing body and can review your complaint against me.

The BACP can be contacted online at

or by email


What I am offering

I offer integrative therapy from a humanistic perspective.  In a safe environment, I will help you to pay attention to patterns of thought and how they impact your mind and body in order that we can address them to work towards your therapeutic goals.  I offer you honesty and respect in order for you to safely explore issues that you bring to the session.  You remain in control of what you wish to say and you remain the expert on what you think and feel, I bring you options and opportunities to work out where the disruption is and how you want to adjust in order to move forward. 


I maintain confidentiality as far as possible in order for you to be safe and well.  Because I value you as a person, I will seek help if I think you are at risk of harming yourself or someone else.  We will agree in our initial contracting how and when this would happen, including who I would seek help from. There are some legal responsibilities that I am obliged to respect that affect confidentiality.  These are as follows:

  • A coroner or judge can subpoena my notes related to your therapy.

  • If you disclose or infer involvement in an act of terrorism, drug trafficking  or money laundering

  • If you disclose or infer involvement or knowledge of those who are involved in behaviours that may lead to the harm or neglect of children or vulnerable adults.



All therapists are obliged to undertake adequate supervision in order to maintain good and ethical practice and self-development.  There will be times when aspects of our work together are taken to supervision in order for me to work ethically and productively with you.  At no time will your personal details be shared in supervision or any information given that could identify who you are to my supervisor.  My supervisor is also bound to confidentiality and so will not discuss the content they know with anyone else. 


Contact between sessions

We will use your contact details to contact you in order to:

  • re-arrange appointments

  • if you didn’t attend an appointment and I have not heard from you


Contacting the Therapist

It is all right if you use my phone number 07917151718 to contact me between sessions.  You can also email me at

As you know, I may be with another client or busy in other ways.  Please leave a voicemail or send a text message if I cannot answer the call.  I check my phone regularly. 


Payment of Fees

The applicable fees are as per the packages you see on our website. The service fees should be paid within 7 days of the session. 

You can pay online through our website when you book a session online, or by Bank Transfer to:


Sarah  Blossom

Starling Bank





Cancellation within 24 hours or failure to attend the appointment means the session fee will be fully charged. 





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